Affordable Dentures and Implants

Affordable Dentures And Implants

Do you need tooth replacement solutions? Are you worried about the costs? The good news is that there are different types of affordable dentures and implants, and some are more affordable.

In this article, I will compare all tooth replacement options and how much they cost. In addition, I will divulge some life-changing tips that can help you cover the payment. So don’t give up hope; you might be able to afford those pearly whites.

The Different Types of Dental Implants and Their Cost

When it comes to the different types of implants, their costs vary. For example, implants are designed to replace only one tooth, and others can simultaneously replace multiple teeth. Below are the different types of implants and how much they cost:

Mini Dental Implants

The most affordable type of implant is a mini dental implant. They are precisely what the name conveys, mini forms of traditional implants.

They consist of skinny screw-like posts that your dentist will insert into your jaw; however, they do not penetrate the bone as deep as traditional implants. The standard depth for mini implants is around 3mm.

The Cost of Mini Implants

These implants are popular due to their low cost. The cost is generally between $500-$1,500 per implant. Although their prices are significantly lower than other implant options, more potential complications are associated with this procedure.

However, most people take that risk, especially when replacing multiple teeth, which could save you thousands of dollars.

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are a popular solution to replacing one missing tooth as it can be costly, and not many people can afford more than one. 

These implants consist of metal screw-like posts that your surgeon will insert into your jawbone, replacing the tooth’s root and providing a stable and durable structure for the artificial tooth. Then, your dentist will connect them using an abutment.

This procedure is unsuitable for people with low bone density as you need strong bone to fuse to the implants for stability. 

The Cost of Traditional Dental Implants

The cost for this procedure is relatively high and differs as pre-existing conditions usually need treatment first. For example, you might require bone grafting before you can undergo implant surgery.

Generally, the average cost can be between $1,500 and $6,500 per implant; however, the price can be much higher if alternative procedures are needed.

Snap-In Dentures

Snap-In Dentures

If you need most or all of your teeth replaced, snap-in dentures are an excellent solution. Unlike single implants, these dentures have screws inserted into the bone, and a custom-made full or partial denture custom-made can snap onto the protruding ball at the end of the implant.

They are much more comfortable when compared to traditional dentures because they can’t move around. In addition, this creates more stability and makes it easier to eat and speak.

The Cost of Snap-In Dentures

These dentures can set you back a pretty penny, especially if you replace all your teeth. The price also depends on the material you choose for your dentures and location. Typically, Snap-In dentures can cost between $11,500 – $28,000.

Implant-Supported Bridge Cost

Implant-Supported Bridge Cost

This is another great alternative for replacing multiple missing teeth, as the implant creates stability and strength for the dental bridge. A dental bridge is a certain number (usually 3) of artificial teeth cemented together.

This procedure has many benefits; for example, it can prevent your other teeth from moving and has been known to improve speech. In addition, eating is more accessible as the strength from the supporting implants handles the pressure well.

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The Cost of Implant-Supported Bridges 

As with most surgeries, the cost will differ, depending on how complicated the procedure is and other treatments needed beforehand, but generally, these implants can cost around $4,500 – $16,500.

Do Dental Insurers Cover Implants?

Every dental insurer is different, and your plan might cover at least a portion of the price. Still, in most cases, dental insurers consider implants an elective surgery and won’t cover the costs.

It is always best to chat with your insurance as they may not cover the implant itself, but they may cover radiographs, tooth extraction, and other tooth replacement options.

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How to Afford Dental Implants without Insurance

How to Afford Dental Implants without Insurance

  • Discount Dental plans

Many people do not know about discount dental plans. These plans ask for an annual membership fee (which can sometimes be as low as $99 per year) and, in return, provide you with discounts that can save you thousands on expensive dental procedures.

  • Dental Universities

Dental universities often offer affordable rates for expensive procedures. One thing to keep in mind is that the students will be the ones that perform the surgery. However, an expert will be on hand to ensure they do the job correctly.

  • Payment Plans

Quite a few dentists offer payment plans, which allow you to pay small monthly installments to make the process more manageable.

Different Types of Dentures and Their Cost

If dental implants are way out of your price range, you can opt for dentures, as they are more affordable. There are many types of dentures, and each differs in price. Below I will discuss each type and how much they cost:

Economy Dentures

These are your entry-level dentures and the most affordable. Their attractive price is that they are generic and require fewer appointments for placement and aftercare. However, most dentists will not recommend this option as they often move around and irritate the patient.

Another factor to consider is their appearance, which can sometimes look fake due to the low-quality materials used to make them.

The Cost of Economy Dentures

Economy dentures can start as low as $650 per arch, making them popular among low-earning patients. Anything is better than a gap in your smile.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures are artificial teeth that replace all of your teeth. They are removable, so they must be custom-made to ensure a tight fit. 

Many people complain that their dentures move around in their mouths and sometimes even fall out, so you should keep that in mind.

However, many patients love their dentures, and like that, you can remove them for cleaning.

The Cost of Full Dentures

Complete dentures are an affordable option when compared to dental implants. Generally, they can cost anywhere from $1,250 to $3,500 per arch, depending on your location and chosen material.

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Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures 22

Immediate dentures are often used as temporary dentures before you have your permanent option placed. This means you can have them applied directly after your teeth are removed, helping you avoid a mouth full of gums until your subsequent surgery.

The one downside to having these false teeth is that you will need numerous follow-up appointments to adjust them as your gum structure changes while you heal.

The Cost of Immediate Dentures

This procedure is one of the more affordable options, typically costing between $1,300 and $3,500 per arch. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are perfect for people who have a few missing teeth, but the majority of the natural teeth are still in place and in good condition. What’s great about this option is that you will not have to have all your teeth extracted.

They consist of artificial teeth and a gum-like base made from acrylic. The dentists attach them using clasps to hold them in place, and they are removable.

The Cost of Partial Dentures

Depending on how many teeth need replacing, partial dentures cost around $625 – $3,000 per arch. 

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

This is a tricky question to answer, as dental plans vary. However, most dental plans will cover a portion of the cost. Check with your provider; you may be surprised at their answer.

Please don’t be Stingy when it Comes to Tooth Replacement.

When it comes to tooth replacement, cheap is not always the best way to go. So, if you see a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You don’t want to cut corners as you may spend more money in the future. However, when looking for the best option, use a reputable dentist. 

Always ask the right questions, like what the products consist of and the life expectancy. Another factor to consider is the state of your natural teeth and what procedure will best fit your circumstances.

Cheap materials will likely damage or break, and you must replace them often. By using a payment plan or joining a discount dental scheme, you can afford better-quality replacements that will last a lifetime. Whatever procedure you decide to have, ensure that you practice good oral hygiene to avoid further issues.

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