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Why Should You Prefer AstaDent Clinic For Dental Implant Treatment?

AstaDent Clinic’ in Istanbul is Turkey’s most experienced dental clinic, providing high-quality Dental Implants treatment in Turkey for many years. We use the most up-to-date dental technology, including Volumetric Tomography with digital implant system planning software, RaySet technology for surgical implant guides, CEREC® technology, and laser technology, to name a few.

Most dental implants in Turkey procedures are performed under local anesthesia. However, our clinic has a fully equipped operating theatre where our dental physicians can operate on patients under general anesthesia if they have impairments, nausea, or dental phobias.

Dental implants can be placed in patients with sufficient bone thickness and density without surgery or stitches. Our mission is to give our patients a beautiful smile in a welcoming environment, free of undue pain or discomfort.

As a result, our clinic has 16 high-quality dental implants from brands in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. All dental implants we use and fit in our clinic come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Using these high-quality branded teeth implants
  • combined with our investment in the latest technology
  • our free dental consultation,
  • excellent professional physicians and staff
  • shorter waiting times than those offered in other countries
  • ensure that our clinic provides a significantly better healthcare experience for our patients.

Whether you need a single implant or a whole mouth reconstruction with dental implants in Turkey, your treatment with us will be up to 80% less expensive than in the UK. Furthermore, suppose you have painless Computer-Guided Implants. In that case, your recuperation period will be brief, allowing you to enjoy your vacation in the lovely Istanbul / Turkey region, with its numerous tourist attractions.

Why do foreign patients prefer Dental Implants in Turkey?

foreign patients prefer Dental Implants in Turkey

  • Patients from all around the world come to us because of our years of experience in Dental implants in Turkey
  • Our dental treatment, which includes using the most advanced and cutting-edge dental technology
  • and first-rate implant systems, is up to 80% less expensive for our patients.
  • We also offer the most international implant types of any clinic or dental facility, with 16 varieties.
  • Our patients receive a free dental consultation, treatment plan, and Volumetric Tomography and X-Ray services.
  • Your treatment costs are estimated in our free dental implant in Turkey plan, and you will incur no additional expenditures.
  • Appointment wait times for our patients are rapid.
  • We use the most up-to-date sanitary and sterilization technology.
  • Turkey’s ‘Provincial Health Directorate for Health Tourism’ has approved and certified ‘AstaDent Clinic.’
  • We provide peace of mind and lifetime legal guarantees during dental implants in Turkey.
  • We are always here for you and will continue to help you after your treatment.
  • You will continue to be our valued patient. We will always be available for your oral health, providing a free check-up and examination facility for every visit to Istanbul.
  • Our crew is ecstatic that we communicate in the same language as you. When you arrive at our clinic, you have your free consultation and receive your treatment plan; when you have your therapy, we will be there for you.
  • We aim to look after you and ensure your treatment is carried out in a pleasant, courteous, and professional atmosphere.

dental implants in turkey starts from £250

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

What is the definition of a dental implant?

What is the definition of a dental implant

When a tooth is lost or removed due to deterioration, a metal dental implant is put into the jawbone as an artificial tooth root. Dental implants, made of titanium and compatible with human tissues, have become a popular dental therapy in recent years.

When implanted into the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth, they promote bone development over time, creating a solid anchor for the prosthetic crown affixed to the implant.

Implants are three parts: a titanium implant threaded and screwed into the jawbone, a titanium abutment attached to the implant that supports the dental crown, and a dental crown, a new and permanent prosthetic tooth.

What are the benefits of having a dental implant?

  • It’s a perfect match for the patient’s natural teeth.
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Unlike dentures, speech and chewing are unaffected.
  • There’s no danger of degradation.
  • Implants are easier to clean than dental bridges, making them more hygienic.
  • The procedure is carried out without causing any damage to the healthy teeth on either side.
  • Complete tooth loss in the lower jaw causes bone loss, which can be reversed with dental implants.
  • Upper-jaw dentures are uncomfortable and prone to slipping, whereas implanted teeth are as secure as natural teeth.
  • Getting Dental implants In Turkey does not make you feel sick or interfere with your ability to taste.
  • Implanted teeth appear natural, with no trace of denture attachments such as hooks.

Is it painful to get dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants in Turkey do not cause pain because the procedure is done under local anesthesia. In addition, we use’ needle-free injections for patients who are afraid of needles. However, if teeth must be pulled before dental implant surgery, you may endure pain for two days, which can be eased with painkillers.

Who is eligible for dental implants?

Adult patients of all ages can benefit from implants, but older people are more likely to request them. However, implants are not indicated for patients under eighteen due to inadequate bone development.

Patients with diabetes should notify us before having dental implants in Turkey since they will need a blood test for Haemogulabin A1C before we can treat them. The body will reject the implant if the diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels are incredibly high.

Is there a limit to the number of implants a person can have?

There is no limit to the number of implants placed for a healthy mouth. However, replacing an implant for each tooth is not recommended; instead, an implant can replace many teeth utilizing bridgework.

How many visits do tooth implants necessitate?

When you plan to do dental implants in Turkey, you need three days for the procedure: the first day for consultation, the second day for implant surgery, and the third day – two days later – for follow-up.

Because the time it takes for the bone to fuse to the implant differs depending on the patient’s bone condition, a follow-up appointment 3-6 months later will be required to attach crowns and, if necessary, bridges.

How long are the implants supposed to last?

High-quality implants can survive for a lifetime with correct professional treatment, personal dental aftercare, and frequent clinical controls.

Promises for dental implants in Turkey

All implants given by our clinic come with a legal lifetime guarantee.

The patient will be issued a guarantee card for the implant utilized after therapy.

This assurance will be registered on the Internet as well.

Dental Implants in Turkey before and after

What happens if there is a problem with the dental implant?

In the uncommon event that the implant separates from the jawbone, we will assess the patient’s bone health and, if possible, replace the implant with a new, slightly larger implant.

These unusual occurrences usually occur within three months of surgery and when the patient has failed to follow the oral health aftercare guidelines carefully.

After implant surgery, smoking hurts bone formation and can result in an implant not adequately lodged in the jaw!

Surgical Instructions and Use (Computer Guided Dental Implant)

Computer Guided Dental Implant

Computer Guided Implants and surgical guides are one of the latest technological breakthroughs in implant dentistry that we stay up with.

First, the lower and upper jaws of the patient are measured. Next, the patient’s mouth is photographed in three dimensions using our Volumetric Tomography Scanner. Our dental physician inputs these data into a three-dimensional simulation computer, where treatment alternatives are added.

A plaster cast of the jaw is prepared, and our dental physician and technicians examine it closely before making any necessary adjustments to angles and placements.

The dental physician receives the final jaw guide in a gingival (gum) overlay, also known as a surgical guide. As a result, the operation can proceed without cutting into the gums, eliminating the need for stitches if the patient’s bone structure is sufficient.

We do not charge additional expenses for this treatment application in our clinic.

What are the benefits of computer-assisted implant placement?

The operation takes only a few minutes, requires no incisions in the patient’s gums, uses a surgical guide to ensure proper implant angles, and dramatically decreases the recovery time.

Furthermore, our dental surgeon is one of Turkey’s most experienced in this sector, so you can be confident that you are in good hands as a patient.

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AstaDent Clinic Turkey offers high-quality, specialized, and affordable dental treatment services. Visit Our Dental Implants Department, or go back to the Blog.

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