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An implanted dental prosthesis replaces missing teeth by fusing the jawbone and skeletal tissue of the patient. The loss of one or more teeth may necessitate an implant. By continuing to read, learn more about Turkey’s different types of tooth implants and the accompanying hazards. What to expect during implant surgery and how much tooth implant costs in Turkey is also discussed.

Purpose Of tooth Implant in Turkey

When a tooth is lost, a dental implant replaces it. Inserting an implant into the jawbone using screw-like devices, surgeons fix an artificial tooth, known as a dental crown, in place. An abutment connects the dental implant to the artificial tooth.

The dental crown is designed to fit the individual’s mouth and match their natural tooth color. Crowns resemble natural teeth in appearance, feel, and function.

You can gain several advantages by using dental implants.

  • tooth implant comfier and natural-feeling
  • have a better chance of succeeding
  • improve the function of chewing
  • be less likely to develop cavities in the teeth next to it
  • improve the bone health around the tooth socket
  • a decrease in the sensitivity of teeth in the immediate area
  • can be left out overnight and do not need to be cleaned

On the other hand, tooth implant in Turkey isn’t for everyone. Before having implant surgery, a patient’s jawbones must be healthy enough to support the implanting devices.

Types of tooth implants In Turkey

Dental implants are classified as either endosteal or subperiosteal. In terms of implant type, endosteal implants are the most prevalent. They are placed in the jawbone by a surgeon and can hold one or more dental prosthetics.

A subperiosteal implant is affixed to the jawbone by a surgeon. Patients with a low jawbone height may benefit from this procedure, often reserved for them by dentists.

Safety For Getting tooth implant In Turkey

When a trained and experienced dentist or surgeon is involved, tooth implant in Turkey is safe. Moreover, for the first time in history, it is the only alternative for dental repair that can preserve and even enhance the health of a patient’s jawbone.

tooth implant in turkey start from £250

Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.


Oral implant surgery is not an option for everyone. It’s not safe. Dentists can rely on this source to perform procedures on patients with the following:

  • Acute ill health
  • the metabolic condition that cannot be controlled
  • illness or infection of the bones or soft tissues

It is possible to undergo surgery if these difficulties are addressed. Dentists may refuse to operate on someone with certain medical conditions,

such as:

  • heavy smoking 
  • Tooth grinding and clenching are examples of parafunctional behaviors.
  • mental or behavioral problems
  • HIV
  • diabetes
  • osteoporosis
  • AIDS

Patients with the above conditions are more likely to experience implant failure if they undergo dental implant surgery. You may not be eligible for dental surgery if undergoing any of the following procedures.

Because of the greater danger of implant issues, this is a trustworthy source:

  • osteoporosis therapy with bisphosphonate drugs
  • chemotherapy
  • radiotherapy treatment of the head and neck

Complications of dental implants surgery

Complications during or after the surgery are possible.

Such as:

  • the surgical area will experience an altered sensation as a result of nerve injury
  • post-surgical incisional healing
  • a change in implant position
  • an implant that is visible above the gumline
  • implanted device infection

Patients who experience implant movement or exposure may require further operations to enhance bone and gum health or remove or replace the implant.

Specific indications and signs from trusted Sources indicate that an implant has failed:

  • The implanted device moves about a much
  • The location produces pus or other fluids.
  • tapping on the implant causes discomfort
  • and rapidly deteriorating bone

Tooth implant in Turkey before and after


Each patient’s experience with dental implant surgery is likely to be unique. There are a variety of variables here that could have an impact:

  • how many teeth need to be replaced
  • how the implants are positioned in the jaw
  • an evaluation of the implant-site bone quality and amount
  • the underlying oral and overall health of the individual

Additional procedures may be required depending on these considerations. Included among these are:

Enhancement of the sinuses

The sinuses in the upper jawbone make implant placement challenging in most cases.

Surgeons may need to perform a sinus augmentation treatment to raise the sinus floor so that more bone can grow for the implantation to succeed.

Modification of the ridge

Implants may not be possible for some persons due to a jawbone deformity. Therefore, a ridge alteration may be necessary for these circumstances.

Lifting the gum reveals the malformed region of the bone. Afterward, the surgeon will use a bone or bone replacement to heal and rebuild the damaged area. Preparation for dental implant surgery is made better by this procedure.


After dental implant surgery, the patient must brush and floss their teeth regularly to maintain the health of their teeth. Taking care of artificial teeth is no different from caring for natural teeth.

As part of their post-operative care, the surgeon or dentist will have you return for regular checkups to ensure everything is healing correctly. Then, every six months, make an appointment with your dentist for a thorough cleaning.

Tooth implant cost in Turkey.

The following factors can affect turkey tooth implant cost surgery:

  • how many implants are needed, and what kinds there are
  • the jaw’s implants’ exact placement
  • To see if the mouth needs any additional preparation for surgery

The cost of a tooth implant in Turkey can be estimated during an initial assessment by a dentist or other oral health expert.

Some plans cover more of the expense of dental care than others.

Bridges, for example, are a less expensive alternative to dentures. However, bridges are more difficult to maintain and frequently require replacement and repair, so the overall cost rises. On the other hand, a person’s dental implants might last longer if correctly cared for.


Dental implants are prosthetic devices anchored in the jawbone to replace the tooth. Long-term benefits can be gained through implant surgery.

For certain patients, different operations are required before dental implants can be placed in their mouths. These things will raise the overall price tag. Additionally, the cost might be affected by the type and number of implants required.

Ask your dentist are dental implants are right for you if you’re thinking about it.

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