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Teeth implants are metal-like posts that dentists screw into your jawbone, which provides strength and structure for the artificial tooth (crown). They give you natural-looking teeth that function as well as your regular teeth.

It is a permanent solution to tooth loss; it delivers unrivaled comfort and, at the same time, is characterized by affordable prices, especially for international patients.

Dental Implants Turkey is one of the top countries that offers quality dental care at appealing prices; it makes it a gorgeous destination for many people.

Are you the Right Candidate for Implants Treatment?

 Before packing your bags, you need to determine if you qualify for teeth implants and, if so, which type of implant would be right for you.

1- Good general health

Because the procedure requires an anesthetic, you must be in good general health. Your dentist will need your medical history and the medication that you take. In addition, you may have to get a medical release from your general practitioner to avoid complications.

2- Healthy gums

It is essential to have healthy gums to guarantee the success of the implantation. It is because your dentist will insert metal-like screws into your jawbone. So, if there is a gum disease, you will be more susceptible to bone infection that risks your general health and may cause implant failure. Therefore, if you have gum disease, your dentist will need to treat it before starting it. 

3- Sufficient bone density

Before the tooth implant procedure, your dentist will check the bone density. The jawbone has to be solid and dense enough to hold the implant. If you have lost a lot of bone density, you must perform a bone grafting procedure before getting implants.  Several options can correct this issue:

4- Ridge Expansion

It includes placing a bone graft along the top of your jaw, which increases the width.

5- Bone augmentation

It is the most commonly used procedure for implant bone grafting that consists of using artificial bone or bone taken from another part of your body to increase the bone density in your jaw.

6- Sinus augmentation

The method uses additional bone tissue in the sinus area when you have lost the upper back teeth and need to increase the bone density.

7- Good Oral Health

Oral Health

To be a suitable candidate for dental implants, you must have good oral health and a strict hygiene routine.

such as 

  1. regular dental check-ups once every six months, 
  2. brushing your teeth twice daily, 
  3. flossing daily, mouthwash, etc.

Even though they are artificial, you must practice good oral hygiene after the procedure to avoid tooth decay and infection.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

 As every implant surgery is unique, the price can differ. Factors that impact the dental implant cost in Turkey are :

  • The dentist’s fees.
  • The number of dental implants you require
  • Teeth extracting or gum treatment 
  • The type of anesthetic used.

The expense usually includes the implant root replacement, abutment, and dental crown.

Typically, the dental implant price in Turkey can range from $ 400 – $ 700 per tooth; this is considered affordable compared to other countries where the cost for a single dental implant is in the UK, according to the Natural Smiles website. It is estimated to be between £ 1,500 and £2,500,

However, dentists in Turkey are well-trained. They have heaps of experience, so opting to travel to this beautiful country for cosmetic dentistry is an excellent idea if you use a reputable dental practice.

Cost of Dental Implant in USSingle Tooth$3000
Full Mouth$34000
Cost of Dental Implant in the UKSingle Tooth£2500
Full Mouth£9000
Cost of Dental Implants in ChinaSingle Tooth$2447
Full Mouth$12000

At AstaDent Clinic Turkey, we have highly skilled Dentists in the Dental treatment field. In addition to the experienced medical crew, the Clinic is equipped with advanced technologies. Click here to get an appointment for a free consultation.

Why are Dental Implants in Turkey cheaper?

Dental implants in Turkey are much more affordable compared to the USA, UK, and some European countries because of the following:

  • Clinic Operational Prices are Low 

Dental care in Turkey is competitive because the overall operation costs, including dentist fees and laboratory costs, are lower than those in the UK or the US.

Some estimates indicate that dental implants’ turkey costs are over 55 percent less than in the United States and Western Europe. As a result, lower operational costs result in lower patient fees.

  • Currency Exchange Rate

Dental treatment costs, especially branded ones, are expensive anywhere. However, you can get the same procedure at a better price in Turkey due to the currency exchange rate.

The Turkish lira value is less than the US dollar, Euro, and Sterling pound. It means that patients from the US, UK, or Europe can propel less for the same procedures because of the cost savings from currency exchange.

  • Affordable Third-Party Costs 

In addition to the Clinic’s operational prices, the lab and dental implant costs in Turkey are lower compared to many countries; dentists are less costly. Our dentists’ fees are according to the local norms, so there are significant cost savings.

  • Travel Costs to Turkey are Reasonable

Why are dental implants so cheap in Turkey

Traveling to Turkey is much less expensive than traveling to other countries due to the thriving budget tourism sector. Tourist needs, like food and accommodation, are relatively low in Turkey.

Many accommodation options are available in Istanbul, ranging from budget to luxury. Our team can help you find the best accommodation options suited to your financial plan.

We provide free transportation for appointments, and there are also non-Uber local taxis and cheap local transportation for tourists. Therefore, the travel costs will be minimal compared with the thousands of pounds, dollars, or Euros you will economize on your treatments in Turkey.

  • Free Services

Astadent will reduce your costs by providing many free services, including free transportation to appointments and airport transfers. In addition, the first consultation with our specialist will also be free of charge. It usually costs a lot in other countries but not in our Clinic.

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dental implants in turkey starts from £250

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey?

If you want to make the most of your trip and spend a few extra days in Turkey for a holiday, consider a destination like Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities worldwide, where you will find the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey.

Every dental Clinic is different, so you must choose depending on the work you need to do. Try to find dentists specializing in dental implants instead of a doctor doing a bit of everything. If you need multiple procedures performed, find a clinic with several departments specializing in that treatment.

Other factors to take into consideration are:

  • The Clinic offers a guarantee for the work.
  • The dentist of choice is a member of the Turkish Dental Association, which is mandatory.
  • That is a huge bonus if your dentist is registered with the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. 
  • Your dentist is experienced and skilled in the implantation procedure.
  • The clinic staff can communicate with you without any language barrier.
  • The Clinic provides cosmetic dentistry packages that include airport transfers, accommodation, and an interpreter.

If you are stuck, check before and after photos for procedures done in our experienced Clinic in implantation and other dental treatments and the packages we offer.

Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

How long does the Dental Implant Process take in Turkey

Turkey is now one of the best places in the ever-growing medical and dental tourism industry.  People travel to Turkey from all over the world for vacation and, at the same time, for dental work. 

The most popular dental treatments done in Turkey are veneers and implants, as the cost in Turkey is significantly less than in other countries. If you want dental work done out of the country, you will ask whether Turkey is a good place for dental implants.  We will examine why it may not be safe and the steps you can take to ensure you get the best dental care possible.

Many dental procedures in Turkey have several years or a lifetime warranty. One of the advantages of Turkey being such a common destination for dental care is that there are vlogs where you can see how specific procedures work and even thousands of patient reviews and testimonials, how the patient is afterward. So, you can get a good idea of what you will experience if you decide to get care in Turkey.

Therefore, the skilled, experienced Clinic and affordable cost make Turkey the best country to get dental implants.

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How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey?

Generally, the whole process can take months. Dental implant surgery usually requires two appointments spaced 3-6 months apart. Your trusted specialist will place metal-like screws into your jawbone during your initial meeting.

The implants will start to protrude through your gums during the waiting period, slowly bonding with your jawbone. While recovering from your first procedure, you wear temporary dentures and stick to a soft food diet.

While you are waiting, a laboratory is busy manufacturing your permanent implants. Once your implants have fused with the jawbone, you can travel to Turkey for your second appointment. Your specialist will attach the abutment to the protruding posts and secure the artificial tooth during this appointment.

How often do you need to Travel to Turkey for a Teeth Implant procedure?

 As mentioned above, dental implants in Turkey can take anywhere from 3 months to a year. The duration of this treatment will vary from person to person, so it will be best to contact your dental Clinic of choice first.

You must receive a treatment plan before hopping on that plane to ensure no complications or delays.

Is Turkey a good place for dental implants?

Turkey is the ideal choice for dental implants because of the affordable prices compared to other European countries. In addition, Turkey contains many experienced dentists and Turkish clinics equipped with the latest technologies. As a result, the success rate of the operation is up to 97%, which is a much higher success rate than in other countries.

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Dental Implants in Turkey before and after

What is Same-Day Dental Implant in Turkey?

Bone Graft For Dental Implants

 A same-day dental implant is convenient for foreign patients to limit their spending time in Turkey. Therefore, instead of spending additional money to travel up and down, you can get phase one of the procedure done in just one trip.

Regular implants are a long-drawn-out process and often take 3-12 months to complete as you first need to remove the affected tooth and then wait for the socket to heal. Once healed, your dentist will insert the implant, followed by a 3-6 month healing period.

The last step is to have the artificial tooth (crown) placed onto the implant so that the procedure can take up to 12 months. Same-day implants are much faster, but you will probably still need 2-to 3 visits for the entire process.

The first visit is an initial consultation where your dentist will check your teeth and work out the appropriate treatment plan (your dentist can sometimes do this virtually). Next will be your surgery, and finally, you will need to go for a follow-up appointment so your doctor can ensure they integrate everything appropriately.

The whole point of this process is that you receive your implants in one visit. In addition, there is no waiting period for healing, making the entire procedure much quicker. 

The Pros and Cons of Same-Day Dental Implants In Turkey

 While this process might sound too good to be true, it has a high success rate; however, it also has disadvantages, as with most things in life.

  • Pros of Same-Day Implants

 With the advancement of modern dentistry, this process is getting more efficient. Below are some other pros you need to be made aware of:

  1. Stepping out of the Dental Clinic with a brand-new smile
  2. Fusion between the implant and the bone is more straightforward than traditional implants.
  3. Gums heal quicker
  4. Implants protect the extraction socket during healing by keeping bacteria away.
  • Cons of Same-day Implants

The cons of this procedure include the following:

  1. Although rare, there is a higher chance of implant failure than traditional implants.
  2. Higher rate of bone loss (although still minimal)
  3. More discomfort post-procedure
  4. Although the procedure is quicker, the number of hours spent at the dental Clinic in one day is more.

Because the process is harder on your body, you need to ensure that you are in good health and don’t have a compromised immune system to be the ideal candidate.

Teeth Implants VS. Same Day Teeth Implants in Turkey?

  • Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional Dental Implants

The first phase takes 8-10 days, while the second phase takes a week. The first phase entails:

  • Day 1 – placement of your implants.
  • Day 7 – Remove the stitches.
  • Day 7 – impressions of your teeth.
  • Day 8 – placement of your temporary denture.

The second phase entails the following:

  1. Impressions and preparation of the permanent supported bridge.
  2. Placement of the permanent teeth.
  3. The use of dissolvable stitches.
  • Same-Day Dental Implantation

  1. Your dentist completes phase one within 24 hours, and your doctor will take an impression to make your temporary dentures at the end of the implant surgery.
  2. No stitches are involved, as your dentist will use the punch technique.
  3. To be a suitable candidate, you must have good bone density and stability to support the dental implant.
  4. There is no need for secondary surgery during the second phase as the healing cap stage is unnecessary.
  5. You receive your temporary dentures at the end of the implant surgery.

What are Brands Offered For Dental implants in Turkey?

Because of the high demand for dental implants in Turkey, major implant companies jumped at the chance to distribute their products to various dental clinics across the country.

Not all clinics stock these brands, so it’s always best to check with your dental Clinic about what products they use. You can find top quality brands in Turkey like:

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Lastly, if you need to know more about this procedure or have more questions about other procedures, we offer a free consultation on WhatsApp, or you can Fill out The Form Here, and our consultant will reach you.

AstaDent Clinic Turkey offers high-quality, specialized, and affordable dental treatment services. Visit Our Dental Implants Department, or go back to the Blog.

Dental implants frequently ask questions

Yes, Turkey is an attractive location for dental implants. The country is well-known for providing top-quality implant procedures at competitive prices, making Turkey an attractive option. In Turkey, there are numerous seasoned dentists and clinics, like Hayatmed’s, that provide outstanding implant services.

Duration of dental implant procedures in Turkey can differ depending on individual cases, though usually the entire process, from implant placement to recovery, can take several months. To get an accurate estimate tailored to your unique requirements, always consult with a dental provider first.

Turkey is renowned for dental implant treatments due to a number of factors, including its affordable procedures, presence of experienced and qualified dentists, modern facilities, and robust medical tourism industry. All these elements make Turkey an attractive option when searching for implant therapy treatments.

Many people travel to Turkey for dental procedures like implants due to its combination of quality care and cost-efficiency. But your decision should depend on your individual needs and preferences – consult a reputable clinic like Hayatmed to establish the most beneficial plan of action for your oral health.

Skilled and experienced dentists in Turkey can perform dental implants that produce natural-looking results. Their appearance depends heavily on the materials used and the expertise of dental professionals; an effective implant should blend seamlessly into its surrounding natural teeth.

Yes, you can trust dentists in Turkey when choosing a reliable clinic like Hayatmed. Turkey boasts an efficient healthcare system and numerous qualified dentists with training and certification in various specializations – it’s essential that you do your research prior to choosing one for your dental procedures.

Dental implant procedures in Turkey are safe when performed by qualified and experienced professionals in clinics adhering to international hygiene and sterilization standards. It’s crucial to select a reliable clinic, follow post-op care instructions closely, and attend follow-up appointments post-surgery for best results and safety.

Your decision on the ideal dental implants in Turkey depends on your own specific needs and preferences. Researching can help identify reputable clinics like Hayatmed that feature experienced dentists while seeking recommendations from previous patients is another great way to make an informed decision.

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